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Detailed Instructions for
Preparing Transparencies
Magic Stripes

We STRONGLY recommend the use of 3M Mailing Tape. Many other mailing/packaging tapes have displayed no birefringence and will be a disappointment.

1. Place the first piece of tape along the left side, 11” edge of the transparency Ill. 1

2. Overlap the second piece with the first and the third piece with the second


Ill. 2

3. Slightly overlap the fourth piece with the third but do not allow it to overlap the second piece (this would create an area four layers high. That amount of tape reduces the visual impact of the demonstration.)

4. Repeat from #2 until all of the transparency is covered.

Ill. 3

5. Cut the transparency at a 25º to 30º angle.


Ill. 4
6. With the transparency adjusted to the “new” edge, cut it into 35mm x 35mm squares. Ill. 5

Note: The tape is transparent and all underlying tape can be seen through the top surface. This pattern allows for all taped squares to have several stripes apiece.

Final Product:


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