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Optics Suitcase
Educational Outreach Presentation Guide
by Stephen D. Jacobs, Leslie L. Gregg,
Christine Andrews-Angelo and Rebecca L. Coppens
Optics Suitcase Table of Contents
This Section Is Under Construction
1) List of Equipment and Supplies
2) Introduction and Objective
3) Preparing for a Visit
4) Getting Started (Breaking the Ice)
5) Introduction to Optical Engineering
6) Colors in White Light
7) Rainbow Peephole™ - Color by Redirecting (Diffraction)
8) Magic Stripes - Color by Polarized Transmission (Polariscope)
9) Magic Patch - Color by Selective Reflection (LiquidCrystals)
10) Tips on Ending (You Are Always Rushed)
11) Acknowledgements

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Copyright by Stephen D. Jacobs, Rebecca L. Coppens and Christine Andrews-Angelo
December 24, 2001

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